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by admin on November 19, 2010

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Terrorists Airplane FlightNovember and December are some of the most traveled months of the year. Flying is the most popular way of travel, it saves a ton of time and if you find the right deals, it could save you money. There are many horror stories of flights that have gone wrong. If you are flying out of Tyler Pound’s Airport you may want to know which airline have the safest history.

American Airline is one of the most popular airlines. But I have just recently discovered that not every horror story is reported. A flight coming out of Washington D.C. had to take an emergency landing after only being in the air for about fifteen minutes.

After they landed they asked all of the passengers to leave the plane. There were no other planes around them, which began to seem like that this situation was serious. The fire department showed up and they began to look for a fire within the plane. The fire department began to throw foam into the luggage compartment.

The passengers were not told where to go or what to do. There was no one to greet them or help them. They had to call information to hear a computerized message. They asked a couple employees of the airline where they were suppose to go and the employees had no idea what they were talking about. There was no costumer service. No news stations nor news papers were there reporting on the emergency landing.

If there is an emergency like that I would expect there to be great custumer service and someone there in person to help out and guide the passengers to where they were expected to go. So before you travel this holiday season you should check on the airline and their customer service during an emergency.

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