East Texas, a hotbed for patent infringement litigation

by admin on November 24, 2010

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Patent Infringement Attorneys East TXThroughout the last decade or so, the number of cases dealing with patent infringement has skyrocketed in East Texas. Many have come to ask why East Texas has experienced such a surge of patent infringement litigation. There are a few different factors that come into play here. The East Texas District Court has great judicial expertise on the subject, the courts are known for being plantiff-friendly, and most importantly, jurors that are usually predisposed to awarding the plaintiff with a large sum of money almost every time.

East Texas Patent Attorneys

For the reasons mentioned above, the East Texas area has become a haven for patent trolls and it has been called a renegade jurisdiction. In fact, the town of Marshall, Texas experienced a huge economic boom when it quickly became a hot spot for patent infringement litigation and it’s likely that very few people there are complaining about it!

From time to time you may see what appears to be a Hollywood movie scene as a big throng of high power patent attorneys in Armani suits makes their way down the city streets for court lunch break.

These patent litigation attorneys may have slicked back hair, a rolex on and a hot legal secretary mistress but make no mistake this is real life stuff and these guys make millions of dollars each year right here in our backyard in Marshall Texas. Maybe one of these patent lawyers will continue on as did John Edwards and go from attorney to politician.

One of the key factors in the popularity of East Texas patent infringement cases is the fact that there are a lot of professionals in the area who are familiar with patent law combined with the friendly courts towards patent plaintiffs. Like almost any type of litigation, it is very challenging to try a patent infringement case. It is very complex even from a legal standpoint and the work it takes to secure a patent is almost impossible for an average Joe to do. Thus, patent infringement lawyers are in high demand in the East Texas area!

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Jared March 29, 2011 at 5:29 am

Also remember that a patent infringement litigation can be a David-versus-Goliath confrontation. Defendants in patent infringement lawsuits are usually large corporations with unlimited resources, while plaintiffs in patent infringement lawsuits are often individuals or small businesses with very limited resources.


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