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by admin on November 28, 2010

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Ok I loved this story so much I had to write a little editorial about it. It seems a Spanish woman has taken “Legal” ownership of the sun. How did she do it? She merely went to a notary and filed a claim of ownership of the gaseous orb. She said she now intends to charge a usage fee which she plans to spend on various Spanish social programs, and ending world hunger. Obviously I expect this is nothing more than a big publicity stunt by someone who is desperate for attention. What I find interesting is that European liberals are evidently daydreaming about charging people for using natural resource they can’t not use! It would basically amount to a tax on being alive!

Now before you ridicule me for taking seriously, someone’s crazy bid for exposure let me pose a question to East Texans here at home. How much sillier is a solar user fee than a carbon tax? The carbon tax is being pushed by many environmental groups who fear that an increase in co2 is causing our climate to change for the warmer. Many American liberals would impose a tax on any power supply system or engine which produces co2. But carbon is produced naturally by most living things in our planet’s ecosystem… including us! Unfortunately green groups are increasingly seeing profit potential in selling or taxing things they cannot own or operate, and thus cannot lose money on. In short it’s nothing more than a cynical redistribution plan. Anytime a government entity wants to charge us for something they are unable furnish or regulate directly it amounts to nothing more than confiscation. Today the co2 and solar power, tomorrow oxygen and water. We’re laughing now, but we may not be forever.

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