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by admin on January 1, 2011

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Weight Loss Testimonials Pregnancy HormoneMany of us have heard it said that it’s good to know you origins. In the case of deciding whether to use HCG hormone injections as a weight loss solution, it would be beneficial as well.

Surprisingly enough the idea of using HCG hormones for weight loss was thought up long before weight loss solutions was so popular. The discovery of this weight loss method began with Dr. Albert T. Simeons as he was doing medical research in India.

While making medical observations in India he began to research more extensively how the HCG hormones work to burn fat in pregnant in women and “viola!” he came to the conclusion that it could do the same in non-pregnant women and men.

After further research and investigation, Dr. Simeons developed a program partnering the injection of the HCG hormone with a 500- 800 calorie diet with the result of 1-3 lbs of weight loss on a daily basis. As a result HCG injections became the Justin Bieber of the weight loss world in the 1970’s.

At one point it was the most used obesity medication used throughout the United States during the ‘70’s. That is, until 1976. In 1976 the FDA declared that they did not recognize Dr. Simeons diet protocol as a viable weight loss method and withdrew any support of it.

And, in fact, the FDA then required that HCG advocates or vendors must put out a statement declaring that it is NOT a proven method or have substantial evidence proving that it works.

HCG TestimonialDespite this obstacle Dr. Simeons diet protocol has survived the test of time as 4 million of his books have been sold and we can still read hundreds of testimonies as individuals have experienced weight loss using this program.
A testimonial from the local Tyler Texas area received on this offers a positive testimonial to the effect the HCG diet had for this woman,

“Looks like the B-KI offices in Fort Worth/Dallas area are shutting down this week as well! I also paid $1485 in September and was told I was buying a year’s support … and 40 days of hcg. The hormone and diet worked great for me – lost 25 lbs easily and then kept it off during a 4 week maintenance period. I wanted to go back again and do another 20 lbs … but they now are closed! If you read the Simeon’s Protocol book from the 1960′s it explains the science and the health information on this diet plan and what hcg does. Even two local physician’s told me they saw nothing wrong with it or troublesome … and there’s not a lot of negative info that you can find anywhere like other diet plans. I am contacting the Texas Attorney General as well now that I saw your message here!” You can read this testimonial in context by clicking here

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