Under the tongue or injection regarding HCG Weight Loss Hormone?

by admin on January 29, 2011

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HCG Shots vs Under TongueIf you have done any research into using the hcg hormone as a weight loss option then you know that there are two recommendations for how to administer the hormone.

One is through injection and the other is through sublingual (or under the tongue). For those of you who have a great fear of needles and syringes, once you hear of the tongue drop option it’s like the clouds part with a beam of sunlight shining through and a chorus of “hallelujah” begins to play.

Is HCG Right for you?

But if you are one of those who are “so-so” with needles, then the question begs, which is the best option? Well, here are a few factors to consider.  With needles the benefits include equal weight loss, fast absorption, and less frequency due to only one per day.

The weaknesses of injections are that they have an expiration date, can produce infections, swelling, and itchiness, as well as causing pain, lumps and muscle cramps,nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. With injections you must get a visit a doctor and receive a prescription as well as you need to mix the ingredients before administering.

The final factor is that they are far more expensive. With the drops there are pretty much just benefits including that they are more powerful, already mixed and ready for use, they have no expiry date, no side effects, no need for prescription or doctor visit, and they are quite a bit cheaper.

The biggest weakness is that, for effectiveness, you must administer 6 times a day and any inconsistency of this will cause hindrance in weight loss.

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