Dark Little Steroid Secret to HCG Hormone

by admin on February 1, 2011

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HCG Hormone and Steroid RecoveryYou know what momma use to always say, “Watch the company you keep”. And when it comes to the hormone HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, some of the company it keeps wouldn’t make momma too happy.

In the 1970’s HCG was first introduced as an injectable solution used for stopping obesity. But since that time HCG has shown a dark side. In fact, you might remember hearing the initials H.C.G. used in a recent high profile news report.

HCG Hormones

HCG was one of the “prohibited substances” found in Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player, Manny Ramirez. Why would a substance used by thousands for their weight loss solution would be banned from professional sports?  Well just like the majority of listed substances banned, it has to do with steroids.

The dark little secret of HCG is that it is an excellent recovery drug for those in between steroid treatments. After taking anabolic/androgenic steroids the body suffers a considerable drop in their testosterone level which creates a difficult transition for the user as it creates some loss in strength and muscle mass.

It is in those transition times that HCG is used as it has been found to produce more testosterone in a quick and reliable way. Also, it has been found that HCG helps with testicular atrophy which is a shrinking of the testes as a result of mega doses of steroids. Once HCG has been injected the testes return to normal condition (size) quickly.

Seeing this other side of HCG use can suggest why the drug has increased in popularity once again. So, if you are one who errs on the safe side, I would take this into account when considering continuing or beginning HCG injections as a weight loss method.

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