Men Can Expect more estrogen when using HCG Hormones

by admin on February 8, 2011

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Estrogen in MenThe age old debate of the differences between men and women has come into our hcg hormone weight loss program. Everything from sports to business to politics to sexuality has breached the subject, so now it’s our time.

Interestingly enough research into the subject has been more about the different uses of HCG between men and women than what are the differences in the HCG injections for weight loss. These other uses include, for men the increase of testosterone and for women increase of fertility.

Should a man use HCG Hormones to lose weight?

The greatest difference seems to be a large chasm of different side effects. For men, the main risks are an enlarging of the prostrate and an uncomfortable enlargement of the prostrate due, mostly, to high levels of estrogen in the hormone.

Now, for women the side effects are contracting Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), as well as cases of increasing chance of pregnancy and creating multiple ovrum. When it comes to the weight loss itself observations have shown differences, although these observations have not been thoroughly investigated.

According to some comparisons observations have been made of men losing almost twice as much weight as the women starting the program at the same time. The theory is that because men have more muscle mass to burn the calories, the HCG diet protocol allows more calories to be burnt up as muscle burns calories.

Although not researched, it is also speculated that the 500-800 calorie a day diet recommended in the program would cause greater struggles for a male as men tend to use more calories throughout a day. Based on these observations, overall opinion can be that, as stated, the HCG diet protocol would be equally productive for both men and women.

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