Kevin Trudeau Claims FDA is Hiding Positive Benefits of HCG Hormone

by admin on February 19, 2011

in Weight Loss

HCG Hormones and Kevin TrudeauIt seems like everybody likes a little scandal and controversy and what with all the tabloids and entertainment/celebrity tv shows like “extra” and “tmz” focused on just that it is made readily handy to us. And when it comes to diets and diet fads there definitely is no lack of scandal and the gossip about it.

The HCG weight loss program has no lack of such things when it comes to how and if it works. But the controversy in the HCG program has taken on a new face and that face belongs to Kevin Trudeau.

If you take a look at Trudeau’s past it seems scandal and controversy follows him where ever he goes nowadays with many lawsuits due to misrepresentation of products on his infomercials. The interesting part is that the controversy that Trudeau has brought to HCG has been more beneficial than not.

Comments about HCG Hormone Diets

The first aspect of the controversy created by Trudeau was how he rocked the boat a little bit with statements from his book “The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About” in which he has made claim that the FDA and drug companies are secretly trying to keep people from knowing about the HCG hormone and it’s help in weight loss in order to benefit themselves.

Be it true or not, Trudeau’s book has brought a bit of a revival to the HCG weight loss solution. Unfortunately, the controversy has not stopped there. It seems some of Trudeau’s skeletons have returned from the closet and, once again, he is being brought before the law for deceiving statements made about the HCG diet plan.


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