Downtown Tyler Square, What Does it Offer?

by admin on December 7, 2010

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Downtown Tyler Texas

Tyler Texas Square

The downtown Tyler Texas square used to offer Jack King Jr. screaming “downtown Tyler” but he is no longer there and people would prefer to impersonate him now rather then hear him do that anymore.

But beyond Jack King Jr.’s TV commercial memorable pitch downtown Tyler has quite a bit more to offer. When I go downtown I usually am stopping at Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant or I am taking my wife on a fancy date to Jake’s.

When going into Jake’s be sure to let the hostess know you want to go sit up on the roof top. If the weather is good the roof top offers the best experience while eating here. The food at Jake’s is very good and they have a finer dinner menu selection to choose from compared to Chili’s or even Outback.

Jake’s offers an experience of local Tyler Texas dining in one of the many old buildings that still have survived the square.

Just about one year ago a few of these old buildings were destroyed in a fire. In fact a remodeled store converted to a coffee shop/ music venue was taken out as well as a law firm and architecture business. This area is now being turned into a park thanks to the generosity of Brookshire’s grocery store company.

When in downtown during Christmas be sure to stretch your legs by walking in the square. The city of Tyler lights up the square with Christmas lights although any sign of a cross, nativity scene and so on is unfortunately missing. Times do change and political correctness is what you will see now during Christmas. The square is still very pretty and enjoyable and worth a stroll around.

The square also offers Tyler Citizens a fun place for kids as the Discovery Science Place is in walking distance. This place provides something along the lines of a interactive science center for kids in the age range of 2 – 9 and will easily take up a good 3 hours if you decide to experience everything there they have to offer.

Christmas Tree in Tyler Texas

Official Tyler Texas Downtown Square Christmas Tree

You can also find the very large First Place building at the Tyler Square. The First Place building houses Regions Bank and offers the best commercial real estate offices in town. Many businesses would not accept anything less than the premier facilities you get in this building.

If you are looking for commercial real estate in Tyler I definitely recommend riding the elevators and checking out the offices in this building first hand. Both the view, looks, and spaciousness in these commercial offices can’t be found anywhere else in Tyler.

Finally consider that the Tyler downtown square has several unique antique shops as well as a few very old traditional churches. You can find Marvin United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, and Christ Episcopal Church all in downtown Tyler and very close to the square.

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TD January 6, 2011 at 6:55 am

What is the name of that burger place that is close to KLTV?

As far as I know, it has been there for years, but I have a hard time finding info about it on the internet.


admin January 6, 2011 at 8:27 am

There is a place down there called the Feed Lot. I am not sure if they are still open or not. I haven't been there in forever.


admin January 6, 2011 at 8:28 am

There is also a place called the Sports Bar that probably sells burgers.


TD January 12, 2011 at 6:05 am

Feed Lot is what I was talking about. I would hope maybe they have relocated, but I drove by it after the last post and there is a sign that says something like "Mango" on it now.

Feed Lot seemed like a burger joint that had been around a long time, with some real downtown character, but I never heard anyone speak of it.


admin January 12, 2011 at 10:16 am

I found a story in the Tyler Paper that said the owners of Feed Lot sold their business to a couple from Venezuela. The new owners are making it into a restaurant called Mango Express.

It will have Venezuelan food and the traditional Feed Lot burgers.


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