2011 Award for most dishonest form of business goes to

by admin on January 9, 2011

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Dishonest patent litigation awardIn light of hearing the recent news that the website, WikiLeaks, has gathered confidential communications between the State Department and its many liaisons and plans on publishing it worldwide I have thought of a new yearly award we can hand out.

Well, between WikiLeaks and the unholy business of “patent trolls” buying off patents in order to use them solely as grounds for suing prospering business for patent infringement, I have gotten an idea! Let’s create an award identifying this years “Most dishonest form of business”.

Now I am sure we can sit here and think about many other candidates, but let’s get focused on pitching these two. First is WikiLeaks. Here is a business in which it’s sole purpose is to steal, bribe, cheat, and perhaps threaten life, to gather confidential, top secret type of information from national governments with the dastardly motivation to publish the info on the internet for all to see.

Doing this, of course, with the possibility of endangering military lives, or creating astronomical damage between nations, just for a profit. Then there are these “patent trolls” who represent the exact opposite of productive American business.

They, first, seek out struggling businesses, firms, or individuals who have no other choice but to sell their patent for whatever invention or product idea they have. Then, without any intention of ever manufacturing the patent idea, these “trolls” seek out successful businesses who have utilized some concept of their patented idea in order to sue them for patent infringements.

They are quite literally making money out of nothing. Looks like we have a couple of quality candidates for the award, right? Well then, drum roll please! And the winner is…

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