Don’t let your east Texas town partner in crime let Juarez be a warning

by admin on January 30, 2011

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Small town acceptance of wrong doingWhile considering the current issue of the number of “patent troll” cases taking place in the East Texas area I remembered a story I heard of a town in the Juarez Valley outside of the Mexican border city of Juarez.

During the past number of years the people of a small town in the Juarez Valley became aware of the drug trafficking taking place in there town due to its proximity to the United States.

But instead of doing something to rid themselves of this illegal practice they created a kind of symbiotic relationship as the drug traffickers brought business to the small town.

As time passed, the highly documented battle for trafficking territory began to take place and reached the small town resulting in atrocious acts of violence and killing.

The small town’s passive acceptance of the traffickers and their business began to have its repercussions as the violence spilled over into their lives and climaxed when, one day, notes were posted throughout the town announcing a date in which every person had to leave town or be killed.

Of course, not at all to this extreme, the concern for East Texas is that there will not be passive acceptance of these “patent trolls” just to capitalize on their business.

The desperateness of these “patent trolls” to have their cases brought to the favorable court circuit in East Texas reached an all-time high when it was reported that one group set up an employee-less front in a local Tyler office in order to file in a court there.

If the people of East Texas continue to allow this ridiculous practice to take place, there could be repercussions later greater than expected. Because when you sell your soul to the devil, you will get burned!

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