Voodoo Bracelets in Africa the equivalent to balance bracelets in America

by admin on January 3, 2011

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EFX BraceletIn places like Kenya African tribes where rubber bracelets to ward off evil spirits. The tribe medicine men will sell these bracelets to the members of the tribe and they are everywhere there.

Now take a look at these balance bracelets in America. The bracelets use carefully crafted language to explain that you may see a promotion of enhanced balance, relaxation, and well being.

Black rubber braceletsThey will not outright claim anything as scientific fact as they can simply wait on the thousands of people who buy these bracelets to offer positive testimonials.

An interesting aspect to these testimonials is that many of them follow a very similar sales pitch type structure.

The comment starts off by saying they are skeptics themselves and are by nature a skeptical person. They go on to offer an impressive credential or two like that they are a doctor or engineer.

The testimonial is setup with offering the idea that the person is a skeptic to let those reading it put their guard down that maybe this comment is for real.

The person offers a good credential like that they are a doctor, scientist, engineer and then they begin on how they tried the balance bracelet and it fixed their back, or their balance or any number of ailments.

These fake testimonial comments are peppered throughout the Internet on many blogs and sites to give a higher percentage of positive comments than negative.

If it weren’t for these fake comments you would likely see a much higher percentage of negative comments as opposed to positive ones.

On the other end of this you do in fact have several real comments from people who are believers in balance bracelets.

I have a cousin who uses the EFX balance bracelet and he is a smart guy. Both him and his wife swear that it has releaved both back pain and headaches for them.

All I can say is that the bracelets work very well as placebos but do the bracelets actually do something scientific to cause my cousin to stop having a headache beyond placebo? No!

So are balance bracelets scams? The placebo effect works but that being said the bracelets are indeed scams there is simply no other way around it.

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