Ate at Pancho Panda today, they have both Mexican and Chinese cuisine and a buffet

by admin on January 5, 2011

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Mexican Chinese buffet in Tyler Texas

Pancho Panda
3841 Hwy 64 West
Tyler, TX 75704
Phone: 903-593-9200
Hours of Business:
Monday – Sunday: 11:00am to 9:00pm

I am one of those people that is  little scared of gong into a buffet and if it weren’t for others in my family that enjoy the occasional buffet I would never go.

I think of things like sick people coughing into the food that are in the buffet line and stupid things like that but isn’t that why they have a plexiglass shield guard so that doesn’t happen?

Well Pancho Panda has the plexi glass guard to protect the buffet food and under that glass are both mexican food entrees and chinese food.

Thinking of the combination of Mexican food and Chinese food never wets my appetite but my brother wanted me to try this place out so me and a few other guys went in to give it a shot.

I was surprised to find out that the restaurant wasn’t half bad. The enchiladas, crunchy tacos and quesadillas all tasted pretty good.

I also tried some Chinese food. I got the bourbon chicken, an egg roll, and some fried rice. I was pleased with the Chinese food as well.

cream cheese won tonsFor desert I had some jello squares and cream cheese fried won tons. The fried won tons were ok bu they are the seafood kind. I was hoping it would just have cream cheese in them without the seafood but that is hardly ever the case.

Well anyway this place wasn’t half bad. I am ok with this place and I think if you are a buffet person you will want to give them a try.

Will I go back here by myself? Probably not, I am just not into buffets and probably never will be. When comparing buffets in Tyler Texas though this takes on of the top spots. Take this review for what it is worth coming from someone who normally does not choose a buffet restaurant as a place to eat at.

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riki January 23, 2011 at 12:06 pm

that's right.i love this place cause i been there too,,,they do for both kind,MENU and LUNCH BUFFET only,,,for a LUNCH BUFFET ($6.99) it was awesome chinese and mexican together plus i got some CORONA for my drink. So, i just want to recommend this place to all u guys that PANCHO PANDA is not only a buffet ,they also do the menu for both (chinese & mexican),, PANCHO PANDA is one of my favorite place to go,,,the price was low too,,and if u come around 4 o'clock they sell the beer for only $2.50 (HAppy Hour),,,,


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