There’s a New Speaker in Town

by admin on January 5, 2011

in Socio-Political Commentary

john boehner speaker of the houseWell as of today we have a new congress! As of about an hour ago John Boehner, from the state of Ohio, is the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In an awkward and unusual departure with tradition, outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a long- winded passive aggressive defense of the last congress.

In fact when the new speaker finally took the podium his speech time ended up being shorter than his predecessor’s. It wasn’t all sour grapes.

Representative Pelosi graciously welcomed and praised her successor, and the new House speaker, in turn thanked her for her service. But he also wasted no time promising that the new house would govern according to the will of the American people.

He promised to do his part to cut federal spending, reduce the deficit, shrink the size and scope of government and to work to moderate its agenda. He also promised to enforce house rules, but maintain an open and verifiable process.

While the speaker’s party rose to its feet and cheered at number of points, the opposition largely remained seated, hinting at things to come. I hope and pray the new congress can indeed change the course of an increasingly liberal an obtrusive government.

Next week we should catch an early glimpse of how this congress will function as a bill for repeal of the President’s health care law comes up for a vote. Hopefully all this new hope and change will amount to more than just a casting change!

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