Repeal the Health Care law? You Bet!

by admin on January 6, 2011

in Socio-Political Commentary

US HealthcareAs I watch the news this morning I’m hearing a lot of noise about the U.S. House’s plan to pass a repeal of the Obama health care law. The Washington Press corps seems incredulous that the new congress to would press a bill doomed to eventual defeat, by either the Senate or presidential veto.

The latest argument is that the measure is a waste of time and that the House should get on with the people’s business. Of course the implication is that the Republican congress should get on with the business of compromising with the President’s agenda.

The hole in that logic is that there is no business that the American people are more concerned with, than the eventual repeal of this new health care mandate, whether with a single sweeping bill or piece meal, by starving it of funds!

health care repealI would pose the following question to the house Democratic caucus: If its defeat is so inevitable why oppose it? Why not even cast a vote for repeal?

Call it a change of heart. Call it listening to the people, (even though it’s about a year too late). Let the President clean up his own colossal messes for once. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Democratic Party suffer one of the worst political defeats in its history last November, due largely to his tunnel vision and lack of concern for its members?

Why not make him hitch his political future to supporting an unpopular pet law? Wake up Dems! Your prez doesn’t care a wit for your careers; he’s only using you as political cover!

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