“Best ribs in town”

by admin on January 7, 2011

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bourbon west bar and grill tyler texasI was invited to a restaurant recently that claims to have the best ribs in town, I couldn’t find a website for them only a bunch of restaurant reviews.

After reading several positive reviews on St. Louis rib factory I was getting in the barbecue mood so I printed out a Google map and headed out for lunch, located next to the Brookshires dairy downtown made it easy enough to find, although I had found out that they had recently changed their name to Bourbon West Bar and Grill.

I could smell the barbecue seeping from the kitchen so whether or not it would live up to the name of best barbecue in town was irrelevant for the moment.

The parking lot was empty so I made sure to check the sign before going in to make sure they were open. I was well within the allotted time so I entered. On first look it’s a very decent looking restaurant, I would go as far to say that its a little too up scale for a rib joint.

I saw roughly thirty tables all of which were empty, undeterred by the empty appearance and egged on by the delicious smells emitting from the kitchen it took a little over two minutes of not seeing anyone before I started looking around.

They have a decent enough bar and a large private area to host your own parties, if of course you don’t want to be bothered by the crowds of people I was witness to.

Still smelling what must be the best ribs in town I proceeded into the kitchen, just a peek, not enough to be disobeying the employees only sign posted on the door.

The kitchen was alot bigger than was needed to feed the multitudes previously described but once again I failed to locate anyone, one last pass around by the bar to find a man possibly a manager and a waitress/ hostess.

I asked if they were open and the reply was yes, so I seated down by the door and prepared myself to indulge in these best ribs in town.

The menu was plain enough without alot, and prices were decent enough, all be it a little high for lunch, but my hunger knew no price tag at the moment and as quick as I could, I placed an order for an iced tea and some ribs.

At long last the wait was over and I could indulge myself, but wait the waitress returns with a sweet tea and no ribs.

“Sorry but the ribs won’t be ready until 1:30, would you like to order something else or wait?” It was 12:00 at that time so there was no way I was going to wait, so I grabbed my coat rolled down my sleeves and left in search for something to fill the void that Bourbon West Bar and Grill couldn’t fill.

Tyler Texas BarbequeTo learn of how that hunger was satisfied you will have to read the post entitled Rick’s on the Square.

I understand that its more of a dinner restaurant but if its going to be open at lunch it needs to be ready for customers, and if you have the “best ribs in town” you better be ready to prove it to critics.

The facility is nice, the customer service was late, overall it is fairly clean and the food is something that may forever be a mystery to me.

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