Rick’s on the Square

by admin on January 7, 2011

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Tyler Texas Bars and Music VenuesI have to start by saying that Rick’s on the Square was a second choice, a B plan, for a lunch that went wrong.

As I rolled into the only parking space available in the square I was in no mood to be disappointed and left hungry again.

Upon entering Rick’s on the Square I was overwhelmed by the size of the place and the lunch crowd that had made it to a restaurant I had only heard of in passing.

Being led to a table near the outdoor area I was able to see to some degree the luxury that those who were seated there were given.

With fancy tablecloths and elaborate center pieces coupled with the outdoor beauties that only an outdoor space surrounded by walls can offer, I knew I was on the outside looking in.

The restaurant had a kind of jazz club feel to it, but in an area of town where the lunch crowd is a bunch of snoody lawyers talking about their recent boat purchases and the upcoming company retreats it feels a tad out of place.

The decor was really out of place, it was an attempt to look artsy without knowing what artsy looks like. I only had a few minutes to depict the atmosphere before my waitress arrived.

She handed out menus and took drink orders with fewer words than I thought possible. I was content with drinking my ice water and listening to the lawyers as I waited for her to return which took fewer than ten minutes. She took my order and once again disappeared and returned to fill my drink as I wait.

The order didn’t take nearly as long as I thought and the food was exceptional so I sent my comments to the chef via the waitress and I’m sure she probably just told him ‘good’, so that was the best I would get to him.

The bill came back larger than anticipated from a sandwich but was happy to pay it since the food did its job.

I was at Rick’s on the Square during lunch hours so I can’t speak as to how their later hour dining is, but I’ve been told its a social scene for singles in their twenties, and if that’s the case I’m sure I’ll be back there to socialize with the bright young minds of Tyler’s college crowds.

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