Snow in Tyler Texas again in 2011! We love snow here in Tyler

by admin on January 9, 2011

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Tyler Texas Snowing 2011We looked outside around 2:30 to snow fall. We began to think the forecast of snow in Tyler TX wasn’t going to happen but it did.

We are hoping for a lot more and for it to get colder. Once there is a nice big thick blanket of snow we are going to go find a good steep hill to sled down.

Last year we had an amazing snow fall in March I think which was really odd for Texas and had many people saying so well for Global Warming.

Now global warming is called Climate Change but that still requires us to look at some previous claims.

Climate change people now say that more snow in the winter also proves global warming but this is not what the claim was a few years back?

tyler tx snow 2011For more information on the other side of the Climate Change/Global Warming debate please follow CFACT on twitter @CFACT and visit their website at

Well anyway back off of politics I am very happy to see some snow and we will be playing in it all day after my son gets up from his nap.

January 9 2011 Video of Snow Fall in Tyler TX

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