Wow! Life Sentences handed down for East TX Church Arsonsist in Tyler TX courts this morning

by admin on January 10, 2011

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Tyland Baptist Church ArsonThis morning Monday January 10 2011 the 114th Court precised over by Judge Kennedy handed down a total of 7 life sentences between the two East Texas arsonists, Jason Bourque and Daniel McAllister.

Jason and Daniel pleaded guilty to these arson charges back in December of 2010 but sentencing was carried out today.

The state of Texas gave Bourque 5 life sentences and McAllister was given 2 life sentences as well as two 20 year sentences in his part in burning down several East Texas churches.

This appears to be a plea agreement as Daniel and Jason waived their right to appeal their sentencing.

Several of the writers of Tyler TX Directory have family connections or previously attended Tyland Baptist Church which was one of the churches that was burned down by the arsonists.

Because of the family connection we have been following this story pretty close.

Tyland Baptist Church was the last church to rebuild after the fire destruction. For about a year Tyland Baptist church were generously allowed to worship at Willowbrook Baptist Church across the street from Willowbrook country club. Willowbrook Baptist Church 3100 W. Erwin St. Tyler, TX 75702

The life sentences are quite severe in my opinion but at the same time it is a sticky situation because if a harsh judgment wasn’t enforced this type of thing could happen again as more loony kids go on a night of arson pranks.

I feel very sorry for these two because that long in prison is something I don’t wish on anyone and I myself warned them on this site in an open appeal to stop because they would be caught especially if they continued but they didn’t listen to me or anyone else.

You can read more on this story here: KETK: Church arsonists sentenced today

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george June 23, 2011 at 12:21 pm

How they gonna make restitution if they are in prison for life? And also some of them churches probably deserved to be burned down, since 95% of all chrisitan churchs in america are really synagogues of Satan and false doctrine. I bet your Pastor is taking it up the butt right now!!! There are too many Fags and fag enablers in this nation and the church the so called church helps to enable them most of the time. May more False churches Burn down and may the False prophets like rick warren and all the other little spokesmen and women for satan be burned at the stake for heresy!


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