Jared Loughner is heavily in the occult and went to an Obama and Bill Aeyrs funded school

by admin on January 10, 2011

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jared loughnerIt turns out there is more crazy things about this guy Jared Loughner and weird connections to Obama and Bill Ayers way before Obama was elected to office.

Jared actually attended a high school funded in part by Obama and Bill Ayers that was a part of a network where teachers are trained and given education material by a liberal group founded by the Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers.

This liberal network was also surprisingly funded by Obama himself.

The network group, Small Schools Workshop, has been led by a former top communist activist who is an associate of Ayers. This leads me to believe it is no wonder why one of Jared Lee Loughner’s favorite books is The Communist Manifesto.

Obama gave the liberal education network funds in the 1990s when he worked at an education reform group with Ayers. To say that Ayers and his organizations are extreme is an understatement.

The fact that this guy was educated at one of these schools is very interesting considering how many times the Tea Party and republican politicians have been brought as being the influence that caused the attack on Gabrielle Giffords.

Jared Loughner Liberal Jared attended Mountain View High School, which is part of Arizona’s Morana Unified School District.

Since 2003, Mountain View has been part of what is known as the Smaller Learning Community, a network of schools that have been restructured to create a more personalized learning environment where students often have the same teachers and fellow students from grade to grade.

The communist ideas and philosophies must have been taught to Jared while at this school and we have nobody other than people like Obama and Ayers to point the finger at if we are going to be doing any finger pointing.

Obviously this liberal school network did not teach this guy to shoot politicians but when asking  the questions about what were this crazy guys inspirations, propaganda sources, tools, and role models we may be getting closer to the truth in the Obama administration than looking at the Tea Party.

The Tea Party are a bunch of bible belt baby boomers. Many of these people are people like myself’s parents. Some of them may have a little bit of a prejudice towards a race other than their own but they don’t fall in the category of extremists or racists.

Bill Ayers Extremist School NetworkBill Ayers and communists on the other hand would fall in the extremist group and prone to violence.

But what led to this guy committing violent acts against a politician? I think it has a whole lot more to do with drugs and the occult. He may have been a normal person at one point in time but the occult and drugs can change a person.

Jared had an alter in his back yard with  a skull and incense. He must have prayed and meditated about this day for awhile. He obviously had this planned out fairly well and was fixated on this one person, Gabrielle Giffords.

loughner skull shrineWe hate that political opinions and fights have broken out regarding this massacre but because the liberal politicians are blaming the Tea Party the facts need to be brought to light regarding the actual organizations this guy can be traced back to.

LA Times Loughner Yourtube Mind Control Video

Jared Lee Loughner Youtube Video

Read more: Bill Ayers, communist provided Arizona shooter’s curriculum? http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=249429#ixzz1AgIKFZ88

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admin January 15, 2011 at 7:37 am

Bryce Tierney who is Jared Lee Loughner's friend says. He also describes Loughner as being obsessed with “lucid dreaming”—that is, the idea that conscious dreams are an alternative reality that a person can inhabit and control—and says Loughner became “more interested in this world than our reality.” Tierney adds, “I saw his dream journal once. That’s the golden piece of evidence. You want to know what goes on in Jared Loughner’s mind, there’s a dream journal that will tell you everything.”


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