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I am sure that everyone has seen at least one of the thousands of Nutrisystem commercials. The diet plan has become one of the most popular plans out there. Why? Because it is so easy. Basically you go on line and order the meals from their menu and a box of food is mailed to your door. The question is; how much are you willing to spend? The cheapest meals plan is around three hundred dollars for four weeks of food. The meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. You can choose what you want to eat by looking through the menu on the Nutrisystem website. The breakfast menu has many different options of everyone’s favorite breakfast foods, such as oatmeal, cereal, French toast, pancakes, and many more. Out of the many options of breakfast meals I am sure that everyone can find something that they will like. The lunch menu has meals that will keep you energized throughout the day and not make you feel tired and sluggish half way through the work day. The selection of meals includes a variety of soups, salads, pastas, and even pizza. If you just would prefer a snack for lunch, the menu includes many different trail mix bar and chocolate bars. Dinner is one of people’s favorite meals, and tends to be the meals that people over eat. With Nutrisystem’s dinner plans you will be sure that you will not over eat and get the nutrition that your body needs. The selection of dinner items ensures that there will be some food you will never try and some foods that you will keep re-ordering. The menu includes foods like stuffed pastas, beef and mashed potatoes, fajitas, chili with beans, Asian pastas, soups, pizzas, and even burgers. Lastly the dessert and snack menu has many sweet and salty dessert and snack foods that will satisfy cravings. Everyone’s favorite desserts are available on the menu, such as ice cream, chocolate cake, and pies. For snacks between meals there are selections of salty snacks like trail mix, and nuts, and sweet snacks, like chocolate covers granola bars. The menu items I have mentioned are mostly form the “basic” menu but there are other menu options that will be the best selection for you. You can also order foods from the “silver” plan (which is for people looking for ultimate results), or you can order from the vegetarian and diabetic menus.

Now that you somewhat know what each of the meals consists of, the question now is “does it work?” All of the meals have the correct portion size to control people from over eating. All of the food is diet meals, and Nutrisystem does not try to market it any other way. Although the term “diet foods” may turn people off from the program, eating diet food items is the most effective way to loose weight. The price for the Nutrisystem program is not that much, but that is if you stick to just eating the meals provided. But can you loose weight while on the Nutrisystem program? Of course. Changing eating habits and staying active is the quickest way to losing weight. But this is something that you can do on your own. If you do not want to order the food from the website and do not want to do the Nutrisystem plan, it is possible to do portion control from your home. So although Nutrisystem makes this so easy for you it will only work if you stick to the meal program, and there are not options for people that like to eat out, like Weight Watchers has. The whole program is done online, many people, including celebrities, such as Marie Osmond and Dan Marino, have had great success on the diet plans. The only down fall to this is trying it on your own. After you have been served the meals and do not even have to really think about how much you are eating, it will be hard to keep your portions of food to a healthy amount. Exercise with any diet will bring a greater result and a healthier life style.

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