Tyler Chili’s vs. Lindale’s Chili’s

by admin on January 13, 2011

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Chili’s has been in Tyler for a long time. The chain restaurant is well-known for their unique queso and Baby Back Ribs. It was just a couple years ago when Lindale opened its first Chili’s restaurant. If you live about the same distance between the Tyler and Lindale Chili’s restaurants you probably wonder which one is better to eat at. I am a Chili’s lover! The loaded mashed potatoes and the baby back ribs (if cooked right) are to die for, not to mention the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. The two Chili’s restaurants have their good and bad qualities. Tyler’s restaurant is much larger than the Lindale restaurant, so if you have a big party and all want to sit together I recommend the Tyler restaurant. Even though it is larger it always seems like they are short on waiters. The last time I went to the Tyler restaurant it took forever for our waiter to come over to our table in the first place, and then I do not think my drink was refilled once. When a restaurant is short staffed you will not get good service. I saw managers standing around and I bothered me that they were not picking up the slack of the employees. There is no question that the food is always better at the Tyler Chili’s, but the service falls short. I much more prefer the Lindale Chili’s restaurant. Although I am not a big fan of walking in and smelling the cigarette smoke from the bar, the small restaurant ensures that the restaurant will not be over packed or short handed. I have never once walked out of the Lindale Chili’s and thought “wow that service really stunk.” Not only are the waiters more attentive to their customers’ needs, the managers are too. Many times that I have been there the manager has visited my table and asked if we needed anything, and even has stayed and chatted for a while. I have had my order messed up a couple times but they were always quick to correct it, and if they were not, they have offered a free dessert. It is nice to have a waiter that see that they made a mistake and do what they can to correct it. Even though I really like this restaurant I have walked out thinking, that the food was not that good. I do not know why, but the Lindale Chili’s food seems to fall short compared to the Tyler’s Chili’s restaurant. The food is not horrible by any means, and sometimes I am surprised when is excels my expectations. The atmosphere always seems much more friendly, inviting, and quiet at the Lindale, and that is why I choose to keep going to the Lindale Chili’s, even though it is a longer drive for me.

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