Congress Moves to Repeal Obama Care and the EPA Pulls the Permit from a Major Coal Mine

by admin on January 18, 2011

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With a rough couple of weeks behind us the political wrangling of government is back underway. The House is picking up its bill to repeal the Obama health care law this week. There seems to be a push on the part of more moderate Republicans and Democrats, (with the help of the twenty four hour news networks), to guide both the House and the American people to accepting portions of the law and only dismantling the “unpopular” portions. This just seems to me to be more incrementalism, at least in the sense of gaining the American people’s acceptance. While I agree that the cost of health care is way out of control, this law has got to go! We simply cannot afford the monstrous government take over that Pelosi’s House rammed down our throats two falls ago! I for one favor scrapping it altogether and starting over with more cost effective measures that don’t empower the national bureaucracy.

The Executive branch is also taking a hard line as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is currently going ahead with plans to revoke the permit for a large coal mine in West Virginia. So yet another form of energy found to be harmful to mother earth is being restricted. So how exactly are we supposed to keep ourselves warm and alive in the winter months? Does the EPA’s even care? The move is even drawing the ire of West VA’s Democratic senators, who correctly foresee job losses and an economic hit coming to their state. This is a telling moment for the nation and the president who is supposedly moderating his tone in the same manner that President Clinton did following his mid- term defeat. I think the EPA’s continued tyranny points to the fact that President Obama has no intention of softening his far left agenda at all.

The fact is stopping this closure should be a sure win for the president. He could combat the notion that he’s anti business and perhaps point to new “jobs saved” or even job growth figures. Which by the way would possibly help his numbers in the polls. But the president believes too strongly in his ultra liberal vision for the country. It seems to me that he cares not a whit about the effects his radical agenda is having on the average American, except in so far as it affects his political prospects, and maybe not even then.

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