Texas Rangers not allowed to put midget on their team

by admin on January 23, 2011

in Socio-Political Commentary

Texas Rangers are not allowed to draft or recruit midgets to play on their baseball team.

Due to a rule established in 1951 when the St. Louis Browns were able to obtain an easy walk by placing a midget at the plate to bat this trick is no longer an option.

So power sluggers like Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Kinsler will have to make things happen at the plate in more conventional ways and forget about using midgets to gain extra runs.

What do you think? Is this a bad discriminatory baseball rule? Is this rule similar to women not being allowed in some states to be firefighters because of weak upper body strength?

When are discrimentory laws and rules crossing the line into the realm of lunacy politically correct liberal land? Even many midgets and women can understand why rules and laws like these exist but PR propaganda has a strangle hold on about half the population in America.

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