Affordable but quality craftmanship in home remodeling repairs in the Tyler TX area

by admin on January 26, 2011

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Over the last 2 years I have had several different home remodeling companies over to our Tyler TX home. During this time of being a general contractor of sorts for my own home I have seen a lot of problems that happen by not questioning contractors and getting enough bids from different companies.

I hope that this article can help you in making an informed decision when hiring a home remodeling company to fix up your Tyler Texas home.

The number one headache I have at this point is the issue I have been dealing with of a bad paint job in my sons room.

I failed to ask the painters I hired if they would be using quality paint rather than closet paint.

You see there are different qualities of paint and the lower the quality the cheaper the cost.

Although you may pay a painting company a certain price and may have even haggled them down quite a bit they can make up for it in what quality of paint they purchase.

I have even been told that cheap closet paint was used in many of the mansions built at the Cascades. I have no idea if this is true but so what, what could be the worst case scenario?

I personally have experienced what problems creep up with low quality paint. The problem I have had is that within only a few short weeks whenever my son has scraped a hotwheel car against the wall or even a book the paint would peel off.

Keep in mind the paint has had plenty of time to dry but nonetheless the paint peels off if there is even the slightest harsh brush against it.

This paint peeling problem is number one issue that occurs when a low quality paint job is done on an interior home paint job.

Be sure to ask the painters you hire exactly what type of paint they plan on purchasing for the job and why. Also ask them if the paint is considered a low quality paint or high quality.

Don’t let a painter convince you that low quality is just as good and if youwant go ahead and call Sherman Williams paint store and talk the choice of paint over with a sales man.

A Sherman Williams paint sales guy will usually no more than many grunt level painters who haven’t even picked up a single book on the subject of professional painting.

Unfortunately in many cases a general contractor must know more about each aspect of the construction of a house than the individual niche experts putting the house together.

For each new project you plan for your Tyler TX home go ahead and watch a few short youtube instructional videos and you will find you will have plenty of good interview questions to ask your local Tyler Texas home contractor.

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