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When shopping for furniture in Tyler one of the biggest pet peeves me and my brother agree on is how annoying it is when the furniture sales person hovers over your shoulder while touring the store. It is that furniture establishments store and so they can have their sales people do whatever they want but it is a sales philosophy I really cannot stand. I won’t go into great detail which store I absolutely hate the most that does this but if you are reading this and would like to make a comment I would be glad to accept local Tyler peoples criticism.


I visited almost every furniture store in Tyler trying to find a good office desk. The best desks I found were at Swann’s but the desks were also astronomically priced. I could not justify spending $4,000 – $5,000 on an office desk when that would cover almost a year of mortgage payments. Who in their right mind would pay that much for an office desk? Why do I ask this question when there seem to be a million homes in Tyler worth over $300,000. Obviously there are plenty of doctors and lawyers in Tyler that can afford desks like this but I am not one of them.

Furniture Row

My next stop was Furniture Row. This furniture store had some good selections on couches and accessory tables and furniture at good prices but not a good selection of office desks that appealed to me. The office desks were okay and priced decent but nothing that I wanted to take home. Overall my impression with Furniture Row is that they are not overly aggressive in hovering over you while you look at furniture. I was not becoming increasingly stressed the longer I was in the store as I felt at a more higher priced establishment.

Lazy Boy

I went into Lazy Boy Furniture Studio and did not see a wide selection of office desks but they did have some well built recliner chairs and some nice looking couches. Lazy Boy has some good prices and some prices on certain things that are a bit out of my budget. I did pick up a nice trendy looking leather recliner chair while at Lazy Boy that I still enjoy to this day. Lazy Boy was not a great help for finding an office desk but their sales staff was not pushy and I got a great leather recliner.

Ivan Smith Furniture

Ivan Smith furniture has your typical selection of couches and recliners I saw at several other stores like when shopping at Lacks. Ivan Smith downtown had too many darker colored chairs and too many leather selections for my taste. When visiting Ivan Smith in South West Tyler I found a better selection of lighter colored furniture and a bigger overall selection of pretty much every type of furniture you might need for a house. I ended up buying a TV stand that was discounted by 75% which was an amazing deal. Ivan’s prices were good but I could not find a couch or chair that interested me there. I was impressed with the sales staff as I did not fill overly pressured when talking to the sales lady. Ivan’s selections are good I am just picky and they didn’t have exactly what I wanted.

Lacks Furniture

Lacks furniture had some very good recliner chairs over by their TV’s and some unique longer cloth fabric couches I had not seen at other furniture stores in Tyler TX. I decided to buy a light green couch from Lack’s and have been very pleased with it. The sales lady at Lack’s was very friendly and easy to work with. I did not feel pressured by her although we were followed around it was not overbearing. When we needed time to ourselves the Lack’s sales professional keyed in on this and backed away to give us time to look around and decide what we wanted to do. My overall experience at Lack’s was a good one and I appreciated the help from the sales lady. The prices at Lack’s are very good on some items although some of their nicer stuff could be out of some peoples price range.

Cheapest Furniture Store in Tyler

After comparing some of these popular furniture stores in Tyler it seemed to me that Furniture Row had some of the cheapest furniture prices. Every furniture store had good prices on certain items and I would encourage everyone to price shop and ask for cheaper prices than what you see on the sticker. If you have to I would leave the store and come back on a sales day if the sales person will not budge on the price.

Feel free to leave a customer review about furniture stores in Tyler that you like or don’t like to help shoppers find the best place to buy their furniture.

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