Smashburger in Tyler TX

by admin on January 30, 2011

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Hamburger places in Tyler TXWhen in Tyler you now have a couple more burger places to try out. Jucy’s opened a new more modern looking facility and sells the same good burgers but frozen chicken fingers and milk shakes made from soft serve icecream. Now Smashburger on the other hand has even better hamburgers, really good fries, and their shakes are made with Hagen Daaz icecream.

If I could pick each time for lunch when I am in a hamburger mood where I should go it would be Smashburger everytime.

Why do more local chains like Jucy’s have to resort to buying cheap Sysco foods tasting frozen chicken strips and making shakes out of stuff they give you for free at chinese buffets?

Smashburger offers the quality, consistency, and food choices I demand in a good hamburger place in Tyler TX. It is going to be very hard to out do them.
Smashburger in Tyler TX

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