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For showtimes at all the movie theaters in Tyler we recommend using an online service like Flixter, Fandango, or RottenTomatoes

Because Tyler, TX is a mid-sized city that is overshadowed by titans like Dallas and Fort Worth, people often say there is nothing to do in the city. There are no pro sports teams, and major concerts with big name artists are rare. Maybe this is true to a degree but virtually ever resident of Tyler Texas love movies and restaurants. There are hundreds of restaurants in the city, but there are three movie theaters: The Hollywood Rose, Carmike 14, and Times Square Cinema. Below is a brief description of each of these.

Movie Theaters in Tyler

Hollywood Rose Cinema

Cost for a regular admission ticket: $7.75

This west Tyler theater was built in the 1990’s, and remains a popular choice for many young people in the city. However, “The Tyler Rose” is generally considered the worst theater in Tyler. The staff members appear to hate their jobs, and the floor is perpetually sticky. The movie viewing, too, is subpar. Expect problems with the projector and sound, and maybe even the temperature. But the biggest problem with The Tyler Rose is the chaotic atmosphere. The theater is ground zero for high school loiterers who have nothing better to do than attract attention to themselves. Fights are routine, and there are often policemen roaming the premises. For other high schoolers, this might be an attractive atmosphere. But not for parents who want to send their kid to a movie, and not for adults who just want to watch a film in peace.[ad#large-blog-block]

Carmike 14 in Tyler

Cost for a regular admission ticket: $8.25

Carmike 14 is Tyler’s largest and most modern theater. It is located close to a hoard of shopping outlets on South Broadway such as Kohls, Target, Walmart Super Center, and Gander Mountain. Carmike 14 is a fine theater, offering digital projection and 3-D movies (when they are available.) The staff are generally cheerful and competent. The stadium seating, too, is great. I have few qualms with Carmike 14, other than the slightly higher prices and the problem of crowds. But at least the crowds are there because it’s a good theater, unlike The Tyler Rose.

Times Square Cinema

Cost for a regular admission ticket: $7.50

Long before The Tyler Rose or Carmike 14 were ever built, movies in Tyler Texas were being shown 7 days a week at a little theater in Times Square on South Broadway. The theater has just six screens, and a small staff. It has an entirely different feel than most modern theaters. It’s a much more down to earth atmosphere because it is a family owned and operated business. When you go there, you can expect digital projection, 3-D viewing, and a clean atmosphere. The screens are smaller than the ones at the other theaters, but the experience is better overall. The best part? The high school kids prefer to hang out at the bigger places. Times Square patrons are their to watch movies, not to attract (or repulse) potential mates.

Video Rentals in Tyler

If you prefer to rent movies in Tyler Texas, there are still two Blockbuster video stores, one on 5th and Beckham, and one on Troupe in the Green Acres Shopping Center. Hollywood Video is still renting to customers on South Broadway. Ten years ago, this city was crawling with video stores! But the advent of Netflix and RedBox movie kiosks have made those places irrelevant. If you want to rent a movie in Tyler, it’s easier and cheaper to drop into WalMart or MacDonalds. Update: Netflix and Redbox have destroyed all rental movie stores. Sorry but you will have to mail order your video rentals, do pay per view, or use the redbox and blockbuster video vending machines around town.

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