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Netflix moviesNetFlix is a great way to watch the most movies from your home, and they keep making their business more convenient. For a while you had to wait for the mail to come in to get to watch a new movie. You would pre-choose your top movies that you would want to watch and make your list on the NetFlix website. They then send you one movie at a time starting with your first choice. They still use this old way of doing things, but they have added even more simple ways to watch movies from home. They first started the ability to instantly watch movies through their website. They give you many options of tons of movies to watch. Last year NetFlix came out with the technology to watch movies over your Wii or Playstation. They use to send you a disc to plan on your console but now you can now download a NetFlix application right to your game console. You can then scroll through the many different categories, such as; children and family, foreign, horror, television shows, drama, and romantic comedy. You can put any movies on your instant queue to watch whenever you want. You can also watch your instant queue through your computer. You can rate the shows and movies that you like and NetFlix will suggest movies to you that are like the movies that you liked the most. Do not expect that movies that have just been released to be on instant NetFlix, you can get all new releases through the mail though.

NetFlix has a very affordable monthly fee. You can get new releases through the mail and instant through your computer or your game console for only nine dollars a month. Although not all television shows or movies are on the instant NetFlix, there is such a large selection of movies that you are sure to find something that you are in the mood for. You do not have to leave your house to watch a movie, and there are no late fees for any movies through the mail. NetFlix is the most affordable and convenient way to rent movies.

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