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by admin on December 21, 2009

in Marketing and Advertising

As a child, I grew up watching my father try to create a production company called Glow in the Dark Creative Media. In the beginning, he and his business partner lacked personnel, social connections, and money for nice equipment. Time after time, the business was turned down for jobs due to lack of experience. I felt bad for him when he came home from a long week of work, and still had little business coming in. Some years were financially harder than others, but dad never lost hope and always worked hard. The lack of funds made hiring employees nearly impossible. Most of the time my father and his business partner had to do double, even triple the work in order to get things done, but all the hard labor and diligence slowly began to pay off.

Over the years, dad gained more and more knowledge about media, editing, and advertisement; as his knowledge grew, so did his business and clientele. Dad’s creativity and work ethic drew more clients to the business. Finally after five or six years, dad was able to hire his first employees. The workers helped to complete projects more quickly, but at times it made finances even tighter. This made yet another difficult situation, but as time progressed and through even more work, this problem was also solved. Dad taught and still teaches all of his employees how to master each job required for media production. The business’ clientele began to grow and new jobs poured in. Initially, the business only filmed football games and weddings, but they have since branched out and began filming commercials, promotional videos, music videos, and even local movies. Word has spread about the business, and the small company is currently receiving job offers from out of state. Now with nearly a decade’s worth of experience, more employees, and updated equipment, Dad’s small, yet productive, business still continues to grow to this day.

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