Namaste Bombay Indian Food Restaurant

by admin on February 16, 2011

in Indian Food

Namaste BombayI have been holding off on going to this restaurant because I have been sick for several days but as my symptoms have subsided I  decided to trek out with my son to give it a shot.

My wife stayed home with Scarlet Fever while me and my son have just gotten over the flu and had a bit more of an appetite considering all we have eaten all week was chicken noodle soup.

I ordered the Lamb Makhani – lamb with tomato gravy, fenugreek leaves with Indian Spice. It was spicy but not too bad although if you are not someone who likes spicy food you should pass on this one. I loved it, the sauce was great, the meat was very good as well as the delicious Mango yogurt drink I got with my meal.

I shared the rice and Naan bread with my son and didn’t give him any of the spicy stuff.

The food tasted very similar to what I remember eating at an Indian friends house several years ago. What I remember was that my friends wife made very good Indian food and this restaurant offers a good replacement to that fond memory.

If you have always wanted to eat Indian food on occasion in your home town in Tyler TX you now have that opportunity.

Lamb Makhani Namaste Bombay is located close to Chili’s in Tyler on the loop. Feel free to comment with what you have tried and liked at this restaurant to give other Tylerites some good ideas about what to try when they go.

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