Are We Headed for Another Government Shutdown?

by admin on February 16, 2011

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What is happening to our government? With each American household owing over a hundred thousand dollars and climbing, the federal executive is refusing to cut the budget in any meaningful way. The only cuts that branch of government are willing to make all, come of course from the one place many Americans can justify spending anything, which is of course the Defense department. They are far more willing to fund pet projects like unnecessary bullet trains, and National Public Broadcasting! Personally I’m far more concerned with my government keeping my family and me safe than with whether or not Big Bird finds its necessary to get a part time job waiting tables to pay for his birdseed habit.

It is nothing short of astounding to me how this government continues to push for more and more spending without a clue as to how we’re going make the interest payments against our debt! As a concerned citizen I find myself on the brink of despair when it comes to the financial state and future of my country. I’m watching the administration either through wanton foolishness or deliberately, (or perhaps a combination of both) driving the national economy into bankruptcy, and there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it! At the same time a certain percentage (hopefully a small one), of the electorate seems to support the increased expenditures. Here’s a clue people! If the private sector cannot afford something, neither can the federal government! It’s all the same money! While the congress seems to be standing tough the lack of a budget is driving the country toward another government shutdown. If that happens the President will blame Republicans with the hope that the American people will hold them responsible for the fact they’ve not received their social security checks. Please America, don’t fall for it! If the shut down comes it’s because we simply can’t afford to carry the water for social programs anymore.

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