King’s Academy’s Seventh Annual Tour of Texas

by admin on February 17, 2011

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TX AlamoThe old Texas tourist motto was “…it’s like a whole other country.” Travel around our state a few times and you begin to realize how true that statement is.

In terms of its size, Texas rivals that of many European nations. With a population of around twenty four million, the State ranks just beneath the most populous of those countries.

I once read that if Texas was still an independent republic, its economy would be the thirteenth largest in the world. Many people spend the vast majority of their lives living within the confines of their own relatively smaller republics, taking vacations in neighboring country towns or seaside getaways.

TX Flag
Now I’m not suggesting that we as Texans should emulate that and stay only within Texas, certainly not. What I am suggesting is that we could. For us, a “stay- cation” can still mean a pretty long trip! It also means experiencing different foods cultural to the different regions of our state, different typography, and of course our rich, rich history and culture.       

In March, King’s Academy Christian School here in Tyler is about to launch its seventh annual Tour of Texas. It’s a five day field trip that covers a thousand miles of Texas, and its history.

The students visit sites of importance from all the primary periods of our state’s history. In the course of the trip they travel together, camp together, swim in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, experience the old Spanish Missions, visit the crucible of Texas liberty that is the Alamo and make any number of other stops.

TXIt might not be world travel, but for young people it’s often their first opportunity to strike out and study, travel with friends, create memories and have experiences on the road that can be very formative.

In short, they get the chance to explore our own republic.
For those who would like to participate in raising funds, the school is partnering with Chick- Fil -A. The restaurant will give fifteen percent of its proceeds earned between five and nine pm, to the Tour of Texas.

However customers must identify themselves as fundraisers for the project. The first opportunity to participate will be on Thursday, February 17th at the Troup Hwy Chick- Fil -A, in front of Super One.

texas horse carriageThe second opportunity will be on Thursday, February 24th at the Broadway Crossing location in front of Lowe’s. For more information on King’s Academy or the Tour of Texas, contact the school’s office at (903)534-9992.

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