Childbirth Services Midwifery in Tyler TX and is it worth it?

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Childbirth services midwifery Tyler TX

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Our family is a little unique but not too unique in that we are not anti-hospital anti-medicine but at the same time we sometimes see benefits in doing things a little more the natural way.

We also see some of the cooky things out their that people believe, do and say regarding herbs, anti-doctor brain washing, and vaccine conspiracy theories.

So although we are using a midwife this go around it is not like we don’t go to doctors, the hospital or even a pediatric doctor at ETMC, Mother Francis hospital and the like.

Our experience at the local Tyler TX hospital when our first son was delivered was an OK experience. I am not going to name which hospital we were at but the doctors we ended up with were all in training young doctors.

My wife had been seeing a midwife and was hoping to have the baby delivered by a female midwife but because she went into labor on the weekend we had these young doctors in training.

Again there is nothing wrong with having a young doctor and I can even see the benefit because they are trained in the latest technology and are not intimidated to learn new things through continuing education.

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The bad aspect to the Tyler Texas hospital experience was the constant barrage to have pain medication administered including an Epidural.

The problem with the barrage of pain medication and delivery medication being encouraged by the nurses is that my wife was a low risk pregnancy. She did not need all of this and in fact it has scientifically been proven that these meds have adverse effects on the baby.

If the mother declines meds once it should not be encouraged further especially in a low risk pregnancy situation because the meds can create further medical problems that can actually create a situation where a C section must be surgically performed when had the meds never been used the mother could have easily delivered the baby naturally.

In contrast a midwife will not encourage the use of meds to speed up delivery which means additional pain meds to reduce the pain caused by medication used to speed delivery time will not need to be encouraged either.

This removal of unnecessary medication almost completely eliminates the possibility of an emergency C section.

A midwife will deliver the baby, allow the father to cut the umbilical cord and in case there is an emergency can drive you straight to the emergency room in time to have a C section performed if necessary.

Because medication will not be used to speed up delivery a C section will almost never be needed.

Just a few months ago someone close to our family was well on her way to delivering her baby and the babies head had even begun to cone but because delivery medication was administered to speed up delivery time an emergency C section was performed.

The C section was done wrong and once this mother was stapled shut the doctors had to rip her back open and perform the surgery all over again. Did these young doctors accidentally leave something in her? No one knows but they added another C section to their experience (make that 2 C sections) and had this mother not been given medicines to speed delivery she would have never had to have gone through the C section surgery.

C sections can cause hernias to develop later on and are a very invasive surgery as you see your guts taken out of your body and set beside your stomach as the baby is removed.

If you have a low risk pregnancy a midwife can offer a minimal medically induced type of pregnancy that can be as natural as you would like it to be. There is no pressure by doctors and nurses to add medications and perform C sections which have become a matter or protocol in many hospitals in the US.

A midwife watches for any signs of problems and will be happy to send you on to the hospital if anything wrong appears during the delivery process. Thalia with Childbirth Services in Tyler Texas is a great midwife to use.

Many of our close friends and family have used Thalia and Childbirth Services and have many healthy children. If you haven’t thought about Midwifery in Tyler we encourage you to look into it as an alternative to the hospital route but for some people the hospital is still the best way to go.

P.S. Check out “The Business of Being Born” documentary on Netflix. Very informative on midwives.

Childbirth Services, midwifery in Tyler TX

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