We went to the soft opening at BJ’s Restaurant for lunch yesterday

by admin on February 24, 2011

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BJ's Restaurant in Tyler
BJ's restaurant Tyler TXThe soft opening we went to was yesterday at 1:40 for lunch. They were booked up for almost all other times.

I got the Sweet Pig pizza which is like a deep dish gourmet canadian bacon pizza with really good seasoned tomatoes on top.

I loved my pizza as well as what they call their “hand crafted” root beer. I could have gotten a beer instead but I was just not up to it and root beer sounded great.

BJ’s restaurant is known as being a beer brewery but since Tyler is in the dry county of Smith we have to settle with getting the beer imported from Dallas Texas.

Good old Dallas import beer, nothing wrong with that. My wife got the chicken sesame salad or something to that effect and she liked it. She said her salad was light and just the right amount of taste.

The salads are not loaded down with ranch dressing so I think if you are trying to lose weight you will pleased with this.

For desert we had this cookie with icecream that was cooked in a small pan.

The desert was very good as well and overall I would give BJ’s a 5 star rating for the city of Tyler.

You will find the overall experience far and above better than what you see, hear and taste at Applebees, Chili’s, and the Olive Garden.

I hear to open a BJ’s restaurant you need to have like 6 million dollars just hanging out in a bank account not being used. The 6 million doesn’t include the type of capital investment required to buy the land, build the BJ’s and run payroll.

The guy who bought the BJ’s franchise in Tyler is a smart cookie when it comes to running restaurants and he in fact owns several.

The owner also owns the Wing Stops and Smashburgers in town.

I like BJ’s restaurant and will probably eat there a lot. I also happen to like Smashburger and Wing Stop quite a bit. I think this guy is on to something.

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