Grace Community High School

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Grace Community High School
A school is basically a business that trades in education, or at least that’s how it should work. Grace Community High School is a private christian school in Tyler that will educate your child in a very conservative christian atmosphere for a large price every year. Grace requires a substantial tuition to cover it’s expenses.

Putting your child through high school there will cost about eight thousand a year if you meet the requirements. Grace claims on their website that they have students from all socio-economic backgrounds “Because the mission of Grace is one of discipleship, rather than outreach” this is an interesting statement, ostensibly outreach and discipleship are the same thing, but what does Grace imply by “discipleship”.

Well, let’s take a look at the requirements for enrollment in this pious institution shall we. In order to even be considered for enrollment a high school student as well as the parents of the student must be a “Christian” according to Graces definition and both parents and student must be active participants in a local church that supports the same doctrine as Grace.

You have to wonder, if Grace is so concerned with discipleship why would they exclude people of differing beliefs? The foremost goal of Jesus was to spread his gospel and to show no discrimination, even to the destitute and sinful.

I believe this is the hypocrisy of a private Christian school. When Christians put there own comfort and exclusivity ahead of the very maxims of their religion it shows a selfish and deluded sense of priority.
Grace Community High School in Tyler TX
This priority can also penetrate the system of education allowing a greater possibility for compromise when, inevitably, the  prejudice of self righteous people for a certain idiosyncratic system of belief comes between equality regarding the rights of parents and students as well as an honest and scientifically educational curriculum.

If a Christian school meant to teach the tenants of Christianity as well as arts and sciences fails to abide it’s own mission statement or even recognize the meaning of discipleship how could it be capable of anything less than indoctrination.

For education to even work it must objectively pursue truth rather than letting personal intent drive the direction of learning. So logically, the very idea of an expensive private christian school such as grace would only be worthwhile if the standard of teaching was extraordinary.

However, it is most certainly nothing above average, speaking from personal experience the educational system at Grace neglects essential scientific information as well as presenting a distorted and untrue opinion of history. This misleading approach to education will prepare nobody for the reality of modern life. In fact Christian Texas school books have a notorious reputation for misinformation.

The private christian life is a dream for some, but it can stand in the way of truly adequate preparation for life acting as a bubble from any outside influence. Isolating a child can only do harm, during such formative years as high school segregation based on religion will only serve to destroy a students psychological immune system, leaving them extremely vulnerable to the dangers of reality with nothing to defend themselves.

Graces reputation is what attracts new parents to enroll their kids, but this reputation is largely inflated for this very purpose. And when it comes time to send it’s students to college, they are dramatically unprepared in the advising area. Being unable to properly advise students for college is a massive weakness and very dangerous for the graduating students future.

In conclusion Grace is not the reputable polished organization they might appear to be on the surface, they simply have a self perpetuated reputation for excellence but lack the staff, material and philosphy to provide truly exceptional education.

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