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by admin on March 4, 2011

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Fabric stores such as Hancock Fabrics are typically generic in supply. The typical corporate fabric store provides the same styles and materials at roughly the same prices.
Hancock Fabrics in Tyler TX
So perhaps not much can be said for the originality of Hancock Fabrics as a business much can be said for it’s value to Tyler as a supplier of fabrics and fiber accessories. As in any craft a multitude of specialized tools, parts and accessories are required to obtain complete control of the medium. Hancock Fabrics provides to you this control over fiber through it’s comprehensive supply of fabric and fabric related things.

The sewing machine can be a cruel and unpredictable mistress at times, with many small and fragile moving parts sewing machine maintenance is a common and important part to a fabric stores function. Hancock Fabrics can repair your sewing machine and offer you it’s choices in parts for whatever you might venture to fix yourself.

The thread selection is standard and covers most conceivable colors as well as several different varieties of thread strength. The Fabrics of Hancock Fabrics do not stop at the simple cotton patterns you expect, but go further, offering fanciful drape and rug fabrics with velvet tassels and all.

As for the more pragmatic side of the fabric store Hancock’s has any tool you could need, from expensive scissors to pearl snap button appliers. An entire wall of the store is dedicated to displaying in an orderly fashion the many accessories available for your sewing needs. A wall of buttons is also arranged for an efficient selection of the right button for you.

Hancock Fabrics can help you with knitting or crocheting as well with their plethora of yarn and needles for all patterns and methods of knitting or crocheting. The staff at our Tyler Hancock Fabrics are sweet old ladies as one might imagine for a fabric store, they are extremely helpful and courteous to all who have questions or transactions.

At the checkout counter a peculiar quirk of fabric stores I have long enjoyed is kept, a variety of delicious candy for the sweet toothed to help with the monotony that comes with the craft of sewing. In all Hancock Fabrics has what you need, although nothing exceptional it gives Tyler what it needs to sew.

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