Lens Crafters in the Broadway mall

by admin on March 12, 2011

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Lens Crafters in the Broadway mall is a great place to buy your next pair of glasses. Choosing a new pair of glasses for yourself can be an intimidating process. You’re basically picking a new face and in a way a new identity. That is why it can be so vital to get the exact pair of glasses you feel are right for your style and face shape.

Lens Crafters offers more options than any other glasses retailer in Tyler and with the funding of national corporation it’s no surprise. Lens Crafters can easily afford to supply major brand names and also has the awareness to choose popular and emerging contemporary styles.

Most frame retailers in Tyler have a very limited selection of eye wear, they tend to accommodate a specific demographic of customer that more commonly buys glasses, I speak, of course of the elderly.

The intersection in style between the elderly and the young is practically non existent. This raises a dilemma for people looking to get some glasses with a more modern or individual look in mind. Lens Crafters meets the dilemma of frame choice head on, providing a great number of stylish choices including the ever popular Ray Ban frames.

Even if you prefer the look of a sunglass frames for your next pair of prescriptions simply request your regular prescription be put in and they will be happy to fulfil this wish. If you’re lucky Lens Crafters does occasionally have a worthwhile sale, even recently taking fifty percent off your lenses with the purchase of new frames.

One wonderful thing about Lens Crafters is the efficiency, their famous one hour assembly is a true luxury if you are eager for glasses and costs you nothing extra. The sales staff are also extremely bearable, many sales people can be over bearing and annoying, it takes a skilled people person to encourage a choice without pressuring the customer.

The employees at Lens Crafters are more than graceful in their approach, and extremely polite and willing when it comes to glasses repair and maintenance. One more benefit to using Lens Crafters is the thirty day trial period with any pair of glasses, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your new glasses you have for thirty days the option to exchange them for any other pair at no additional cost.

Essentialy Lens Crafters takes all the worry and pain out of choosing and buying  your new glasses. Although glasses are a high priced expense, it is hard to overcome the obstacle of price, however Lens Crafters has certainly done their best to cut down the eye wear bill and make it fast, easy and relatively inexpensive to get new glasses fast.

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