Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza in Tyler

by admin on March 20, 2011

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Papa Murphy's in Tyler Texas
Papa Murphy’s holds claim to what many consider the best pizza in Tyler. Although it is true you have to bake it yourself they are unmatched in the quality and quantity of ingredients in their pizza. Regardless of a minor requirement such as baking Papa Murphy’s outdoes conventional pizza places with ease, the take N bake business model lowers the over head of the franchise allowing more funding and care to go to the food.

Papa Murphy’s even ventures outside the pizza realm and offers take and bake lasagna, cookie dough or even cinnamon wheels. You can conveniently throw a batch of cookies into your already heated oven while you eat your pizza, giving you a perfectly timed sequence of freshly baked pizza followed by delicious warm cookies.

Papa Murphy’s has a menu that is truly exceptional, pizza is hardly the same once you’ve experience the glory of what its potential in Papa Murphy’s selections. To begin with the signature pizzas such as The Cowboy with olives, mushrooms, sausage and pepperoni will win the heart of any pizza lover, it’s simple and classic ingredients make for a perfect pizza.

But Papa Murphy’s gets a lot better when you consider their many other menus. For instance a common favorite is the Herb Chicken Mediterranean DeLite which in addition to being low calorie has spinach, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese which in my opinion could possibly make the most delicious thing ever tasted.

But Papa Murphy’s isn’t done yet, not even close, prepare yourself for the ability to create stuffed pizzas, not only can you get any pizza in a stuffed version, you can customize every part of your desired pizza. Change the crust, change the sauce, combine two pizza types or make a completely new one. And if the mood strikes why not put that pizza inside another pizza.

You can hardly imagine a pizza you can’t get made. And when your pizza is made you receive it wrapped and ready to bake with instructions and a menu for future orders which comes with a coupon and occasionally a free item.

And remember just because Papa Murphy’s is a take and bake restaurantĀ  doesn’t mean you can’t call ahead of time to request an order, this way it will be fresh and ready right when you get there avoiding any potential crowd that has resulted from demand for wonderful pizza.

The staff work in an orderly team line, each handling one aspect of the pizza making. The employees are very understanding and polite so feel free to ask a question or make a suggestion for your pizza and they will happily oblige you within their ability.

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