Rib Masters is stinking good dudes

by admin on March 8, 2011

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Rib Masters in Whitehouse TX

Rib Masters

803 State Highway 110 N # A
Whitehouse, TX 75791-3033
(903) 839-0530

I ate at Rib Masters today which is a barbecue restaurant in Whitehouse Texas that of course specializes in none other then ribs.

Their ribs are considered to be the best in East Texas by many fatties I know in Tyler.

I am not making fun as this place is getting me pretty fat too so I may soon be one as well.

If you do decide to eat ribs at Rib Masters on a weekly basis like me I recommend getting on a cardio exercise routine.

If you don’t excercise as you eat these juicy sweet delicous ribs you will pay the price as your jeans go up a size or two and your family keeps asking if you have gained some weight.

This wasn’t intended to be a weight loss article but anyway get the ribs when you go here.

They offer sliced and chopped beef sandwiches as well as beef BBQ baked potatoes but there called Rib Masters people so you know you are going to get the good stuff if you order their ribs.

These things are deadly so once a week is about all you should go to this place so you can live past 40.

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