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by admin on March 13, 2011

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Faulkner Park Tyler TX Spring Softball
During the spring there comes adult softball season in Tyler TX which is played over at Lindsey Field.

Teams need a place to practice on the weekends and Lindsey Field is usually taken so then what do you do?

Faulkner Park is a good baseball park with smaller fields and in the Spring is also heavily used on the weekends. There are, however, some practice fields down below and over near the tennis courts.

We setup this Sunday at the Faulkner Park baseball practice fields. I worked on my batting, fielding, and under hand pitching as well as the rest of my team.

No one reserves these fields for practice as you find at Lindsey Park and so they are almost always available.

You will also find two very nice playgrounds for your kids. There is the splash park which has some pretty cool water spray action going on. It’s basically a toddler water park without a pool and risk of drowning. A traditional park is right next to it.

The other playground is in the middle of the park and has massive slides, a bridge, as well as tons of other stuff.

So if you are a baseball team or softball team looking for that long lost field no one uses for practice you just might find it at Faulkner at the bottom of a hill by the tennis courts. If your wife is not playing on your team she and your kids will have a blast at the park while you perfect your swing.

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