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by admin on March 13, 2011

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Newk’s is a little cafe in Tyler TX in a very big facility. It sits right behind Carino’s Italian Grill and while Carino’s may take 45 minutes to get your food out Newk’s will usually only take 5 – 10 minutes.

While Newk’s is fast in getting your food to you they are also cooking up some pretty tasty stuff. Newk’s does not hide the fact that they rely in large part on a microwave (they do not actually use microwaves) or toaster oven to heat your food as the name “Newk’s” seems to say it all.

Newk’s is very convenient, fast, and delicious and during lunch time and after church is hugely popular. Newk’s Express Cafe has an oddly similar name to Cafe Express. The two different chains have similar salad choices and gourmet salad garnishment counters.

Newk’s was started by a former head guy of McAllister’s Deli and seems to be strategically placing their chain in every popular city McAllisters has had success in.

If I had to pick between Newk’s, Cafe Express, and McAllisters I would go with Cafe Express as my first choice as their salads are quite a bit more enjoyable. My second choice would be Newk’s because I like their sandwiches better than what McAllister’s has to offer. My 3rd choice would be McAllister’s Deli, unless I need free wifi internet, because their salads are gross, their sandwiches are ok, and when you order chili they put about two strands of cheese and 3 paper thin onions on top? Chili ain’t no good if it don’t have no cheese and onions on it!

Update (Friday 4-29-2011 we received this email from John Albriton)

“I wanted to contact you regarding the article you wrote about Newk’s Express Cafe in Tyler, TX. The name Newk’s is not to suggest that we use microwave’s to cook our food, it is short for the founders last name Newcomb. In fact, we do not have a single microwave in the building. I would appreciate it if this could be corrected as it is misleading and certainly doesn’t project a good impression when you think of fresh food fast. Thanks Sincerely John Albriton”

I and many others first thought when seeing the restaurant constructed that it was some type of microwave reference. I am afraid your brand name will always have this unintended confusing meaning. You should go give your brand guy a kick in the pants. Anyway I like your restaurant. Sorry not every article on the internet about your company is 100 % positive but wouldn’t that look a little misleading if everything people wrote looked like a sales pitch?

Finally, I haven’t tried their chili over at Newk’s yet but I did see a couple eating it and they both had their own order. The chili had tons of cheese all over it and I assume they held the onions. Now if only Newk’s could copy McAllister’s chili bread bowl and I think they would be a successful traitor.

Newk's Express Cafe in Tyler TX

Newk's in Tyler TX

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