Jersey Mike’s in Tyler TX

by admin on March 24, 2011

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Jersey Mikes came to Tyler a few years back bringing high quality New Jersey style sandwiches with them. It did not take long for Tyler to welcome these uncharacteristically decent quality subs into the mouths of it’s small town. After years of picking through soggy string lettuce and Lunchable grade deli meats a consumer can all together forget the joy of basic well made ingredients and fresh vegetables.

At Jersey Mikes you can watch as fine selections of meat and cheese are sliced to your preference in a sanitary and efficient manner. When Jersey Mikes started in 1956 it was known for it’s friendly and genuine customer service making a point of mentioning the persistence of this attitude in the employment of their staff. Although the experience of my service at Jersey Mikes was in every way adequate and nonabrasive I did not notice any exceptional level of customer service.

However, customer service and serving the customer can be very different, Jersey Mikes has made a tremendous effort to benefit the local people to whom they offer fresh food through the marvelous community outreach projects that have been a part of the company ever since the present CEO Peter Cancro claimed ownership in 1972 as an ambitious seventeen year old high school student.

Motivation to support the local communities of jersey Mikes has only grown to take such considerate measures from giving to all of the extra-curricular programs of the recently effected school districts in his city, to teaming up with Wipe Out Kids Cancer to support pediatric cancer research. Jersey Mikes subs are well prepared and come from a supply of what I would call mid grade ingredients but better than subway.

From the way Jersey Mikes describes thier own sandwiches you would think they had discovered the essence of pure flavor through the paragon design of the sub sandwich. I’m not sure if I would go so far as to say such things as “it’s the best sub sandwich in the industry” quite a pretentious attitude for any restaraunt but it exemplifies a shallower and extremely common approach to self promotion held by businesses today who demand a flawless reputation before they have even made a good one.

Jersey Mikes may have a good reputation as humanitarians but sandwich wise they are in no place to honk their own sub horn, objective tasting judgement will easily designate these sandwiches as merely good tasting and well proportioned as opposed to the all powerful sandwich adonis tauted by Jersey Mikes marketing staff.

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