Mundt Music

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Mundt Music

Mundt music in Tyler is the primary local music store and honestly the only adequately equipped business out of the few alternatives in the area. Tyler lacks an abundance of music equipment suppliers, giving Mundt music quite a wide void to fill. Virtually an entire town relies on Mundt for the many instruments and accessories needed to make music.

The few other business choices in town primarily just cover band instruments and supplies of that nature, where as Mundt music has made it a mission to prepare you with the necessary tools to extensively manipulate the sounds you are creating regardless of the instrument. For instance, perhaps you are looking to pull a different sound from your acoustic guitar, Mundt music has plenty of options for you, including a slider bar if you feel like the unique bending sound.

But the inventory is much more extensive than simple guitar products, Mundt also has a modest supply of electronic instruments such as drum machines and looping stations for those that seek true precision in their music. And Mundt just as well has many fine choices in speakers and amps powerful and plentiful enough to equip the loudest of the loud. Even such technicalities as sound boards, massive and crowded with colorful knobs to help give you control over the engineering of your sound.

If you walk around for a bit you will quickly discover the piano area which is filled to the brim with beautiful and high quality piano’s electronic as well as classical styles. Not too far from the many keyboards and piano’s you can find sheet music to use with them spanning many masters of music such as Beethoven as well as more contemporary names in music. If you delve further you will notice a small room entirely dedicated and filled with wonderfully crafted banjos and ukuleles two instruments I strongly feel are very much underrated.

In the Banjo room you will notice a small practice room which Mundt uses to teach the future musicians of Tyler the craft of guitar right in their own local music supply shop, an incredible feature of convenience to those who wish to be taught. Mundt ,at last, has an incredible and vast selection of brand name guitars acoustic and electric covering the entire scope of price and quality.

Whether you’re new to music and need to acquire the basics in equipment or knowledge or you are a seasoned veteran of the music scene Mundt Music has something for you.

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