Pizza by Double Daves in Tyler TX

by admin on March 31, 2011

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Double Daves Pizza

Double Dave’s is one part pizza parlor one part sports bar and one part arcade. Double Dave’s in Tyler is located in the Time Square shopping center on Broadway. Double Dave’s does it’s best to create an appealing atmosphere.

The massive size of the main room feels like an arena for eating, drinking, sports, and video games all under the canopy of a ridiculously big screen TV constantly tuned to the sports channel as per Double Dave’s pre-established theme. Double Dave’s has a wide variety of imported and domestic beers and in fact is probably one of the cheapest places to get a drink in Tyler.

The menu contains the traditional pizza options while offering several original choices such as their line of specialty pizzas or the pepperoni roll that Double Dave’s claims to be known for. Double Dave’s has a high opinion of their food, which is hard to dispute considering the amount of care put into using fresh ingredients, for example making the crust twice a day as well as remaking the sauce from scratch every day along with cutting new and fresh vegetables for the ingredients daily.

The attention paid to freshness shows the dedication to well made food that is held simultaneously with a functioning sports bar and arcade style gaming business model. The defining characteristics of Double Dave’s service such as cheap alcohol, sports on a big screen television, pizza, and arcade games full fill the predictable desires of the American majority that make such businesses a dependable and thriving success.

Double Dave’s is a culmination of popular entertainment forms loved Americans internationally while America’s favorite food supports the entertainment through freshly made Italian style nourishment. Double Dave’s statistically fun styled atmosphere is open for party rental in a separated party room next to the arcade area, this confinement ensures that no strangers happen to wander through your party and that the background restaurant noise is reduced to allow for a more casual private gathering.

Double Dave’s has exceptionally good quality hand made pizza and has been praised for it’s one of a kind crust. There’s plenty of room and plenty of fun things to do, including racing arcade games hunting arcade games and even a prize crane among other forms of entertainment. Even the pizza making is entertainment, placed behind a large window the cooks toss the spinning dough in the air as they prepare the crust for your pizza. Double Dave’s is an above average quality pizza restaurant that I highly recommend.

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