Getting Pulled Over in Tyler Texas– Again!

by admin on April 15, 2011

in Tyler Businesses

            Motorcycle patrol officers in Tyler have a dubious reputation when it comes to how zealously they uphold the law. In all honesty I have not exactly helped to smooth things over in the past. As a general rule anytime I get stopped, it’s by a motorcycle officer, and I always get the ticket. But to be fair I recently met with an officer who broke with the stereotype.

            I’ve been driving on expired tags (and inspection stickers) since… well last summer. I know I need to update them, but there are so any other places I can put seventy- five dollars besides giving it to the government. At any rate I’ve been very conscientious of my driving and my routes over the last ten months, knowing I would probably take it on the chin should I encounter a blue and white Harley; until recently. A long night with a sick child made it necessary for me to alter my routine the following morning. Rather than taking my normal route to work, I was forced to take one I knew to be fraught with danger. The area through which I was passing was ideal ground for speed traps and school zone violations, but I proceeded watchfully. Not watchfully enough as it turns out, because as I came around a bend, there he was, and he couldn’t miss my stickers. As his lights burst on, I pulled into a nearby parking lot. The officer approached my vehicle and asked (surprisingly amiably) to see my license and registration, which I produced. As I was looking for my insurance card he informed me that my license had expired! I was aghast. This was in fact a genuine surprise to me.

            So let’s review, of the, really four items I was expected to produce for the officer, I really only had one, my proof of insurance. I suspect by the way that this is really the main item with which he was concerned. At this point in the meeting I was about ready to shrink and hide under my seat. My little boy sat in the back seat endlessly fascinated by the proceedings. Not only did he get to converse with a police officer, but a police officer on a motorcycle! Funny how our reactions can run in diametrically opposed directions. But maybe it was my son’s interest that moved the officer’s heart to mercy. Rather than giving me a huge ticket (or tickets), for a laundry list of my infractions, me gave me the usual span of time to pay my fees and correct my violations. Obviously I won’t use his name and risk ruining his fearsome reputation, but thanks for not being a stickler and for making getting around this town a bit less of a headache!                True, Tylerites are often annoyed by the rigid demeanor of some of its finest. But it’s good to know that at least some of them don’t take themselves too seriously!           

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