Lap Band Surgery Tyler TX

by admin on April 18, 2011

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Hugh Babineau - Tyler Bariatric Surgeon

When considering Lap Band surgery you now have safer choices that were not available 5 years ago.

Post-op statistics show tragic numbers of lap band patients having life terminating complications that cut their life short.

A consultation on multiple weight loss surgery options is the best way to begin your look into lap band and other weight loss surgery choices in Tyler TX.

Hugh Babineau is one lap band surgery Tyler TX doctor but there are others. I recommend contacting Hugh and atleast 5 more doctors and put together the pros and cons of each surgeons methods, history, and recent updates to how they perform their medical procedures. Ask for statistics on post operation complications for those who have had Tyler TX lap band surgery.

Tyler TX Lap Band Surgery

East Lake Medical Plaza - Tyler Bariatrics

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