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by admin on April 18, 2011

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Miranda Lambert - Kerosene Platinum Album

East Texans love finding connections to celebrity, particularly when it’s a local girl (or boy), makes good story. I don’t suppose we’re any different than anyone else in this respect. But for some reason it means a lot to us to see others from our area appreciated by those from the country at large. This is especially true when the celebrity in question, maintains their connection to their East Texas roots.

Of course I’m referring to Miranda Lambert. The Lindale native has made it huge on the national country music scene in recent years. One can hardly drive through her home town without seeing her face half a dozen times, (ok that’s an overstatement), not that I’m complaining mind you. Better her face then Earl Campbell’s. I mean no disrespect, Earl’s a much beloved legend, and great ambassador for Tyler, but if I had to choose which face I’d want adorning the billboards in my home town, well come on… The artist has had a long string of hits and successes, and is currently said to be working on her fourth album. Personally, I can take or leave her music, but I respect the connection that she maintains with her home town and East Texas in general.

Obviously I’m not offering this review simply to fill space on the page. It happens that Lambert will be returning to Texas on April thirtieth, for the “On the Square” event in Tyler. Ticket prices are fairly high but proceeds go to an animal shelter / pet health and protection charity called “MuttNation Foundation.”I’m not a big social activist, but I’m sure Lambert’s appearance will be a big success, and I hope both the musician and our area continue to benefit from their association. For more tour information and ticket prices go to Lambert’s webpage at http://www.mirandalambert.com/.

Miranda Lambert - Kerosene Gold Album

Miranda Lambert - Gold Sales Album

Miranda Lambert - Revolution

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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