Earth Day and Good Friday

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100,000 miles on recycled vegetable oil
Earth Day in East Texas
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Solar Water Heater Go Tree Power
Earth Day is just another day to me but Good Friday, now that offers some real significance to me.

We celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross for the payment for the penalty of our sins on this day and on Easter we celebrate his resurrection from the dead.

When I think of Earth Day I simply think that I need to somehow take more of the earth back for myself and dominate over it with my hard working entrepreneurial spirit.

I am not one of those people that throws trash out of my car window, backs up to a creek with toxic chemicals, or lets a can fall out of the bed of my truck.

At the same time I own property, a gasoline powered car, and drive around town buying stuff for my house and food to eat. Because I live a highly efficient and great standard of living life like the greenest among us I am supposed to be filled with guilt?

I rarely if ever make jet airline trips to the Greeny Mecca of the world, Europe, and so no matter how often I drive my extended suburban around Tyler it will not equal even one jet airline trip that hippy Sue takes to Amsterdam to look at floating house boats in a sea of poop.

From what I understand from political points being made right now is that my ultimate goal should be to go totally off the electric grid with a $50,000 solar system and buy a $40,000 gas/electric vehicle like the Chevy Volt. If I cannot afford to do this I should instead ride around on a bicycle? Who even does this 7 days a week for all errands and work related activities? It just doesn’t really happen and is stupid to even pretend like it does.

Please, Hippy Sue, don’t get on here and tell me how it is over in Europe with all the bicycles and stuff. That is Europe and is a whole different setup than how we are here in Texas.

The whole reason people love America so much is because of the high standard of living we have here. This standard of living is based on how affordable everything from food to fuel is that allows us the ability to drive around our town so quickly.

If I am going to choose something to preach about today it would be to thank God we can get around so easily in America and have such a high standard of living.

We Christians are not supposed to mention Jesus on a Christian holiday as that is too offensive but it is somehow totally acceptable to smugly ride around on 10 speeds through highway traffic in large mobs to show how green you are by not driving a car.

This highway bicycle green scene would be totally ok with me if it was standard for these guys to do this but it is not. These guys mainly drive cars and when they do hit the highway on their bikes they have no idea what they are doing and are simply trying to be emo attention whores.

Let me tell you those fashionable teenagers on bikes are preaching just the same by slowing traffic on the highway in a big herd of bicycles meant only to create a scene.

I went to Fresh by Brookshires today and I didn’t see even one bicycle from all the green people that bought organic groceries today. I guess they couldn’t fit those bags of groceries into their bicycle purse satchel?

This lack of bicycles makes my point in that America has great efficiencies in standard of living and most of that is because of cheap energy and fuel.

The act of buying an organic grocery item in public is enough for most greenies to show those around them who they are and so riding a bike to the store might have been over kill.

The most green and organic among us drive cars and the ones that can afford the cool all electric vehicles are simply wealthy.

Now not all green thinking is bad and some of it makes a lot of sense and goes along with the American Spirit of efficiency and economic conservatism.

I like the GoTree Power solar hot water heater that can be hooked up to your current hot water system to run in tandem which offers an affordable real solution to reducing energy consumption.

Take for instance the Bullard vegetable fuel oil co-op. These guys help you convert your diesel car to drive off of recycled vegetable oil available from local mom and pop restaurants.

Instead of paying $4 a gallon for gasoline you could be paying 30 cents per gallon by converting your car to run on recycled vegetable oil and participating in the BULLARD VEGETABLE OIL Co-Op

You see the Bullard Texas VOC offers a real solution for the average Texan on how to both save money and improve the environment on Earth Day.

Unlike buying a totally off the grid solar system that you will likely never recoup the capital investment for at least 50 years a car that runs on recycled vegetable oil has a short term capital investment recoupment time.

My goal in this article was to trash talk the ridiculous elite green fools out there who are too ridiculous to take seriously but at the same time show a real solution that actually makes sense economically and environmentally.

You can learn more about the Bullard Vegetable Oil CoOp at this page:

Chevy Volt in Tyler

Chevy Volt in Tyler TX

Chevy Volt 2011 Electric Gas Hybrid Car

Electric Car Charging Station at Fresh in Tyler TX

Electric Vehicle Courtesy Charging in Tyler

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