Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate 2011

by admin on April 27, 2011

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Obama Long Form Birth Certificate from Hawaii, genuine

Wow! Finally the real genuine long form Obama birth certificate. This was released April 26 2011 from Hawaii.

Now we wait to hear conspiracies that the long form Obama birth certificate 2011 is a forgery. You know that whole debate is coming.

I am now waiting to see if Obama will say that this is indeed his birth certificate. Those who love chasing conspiracies will want to hear this. Once conspiracists hear this they will want even more information and so the cycle continues.

The current question being posed is: “Obama has provided us with another “Certificate of Live Birth” are people so stupid they don’t no what the difference between a “Birth Certificate” and a “Certificate of Live Birth”?”

The certificate shows his fathers race as African and his mothers race as white. The notion that the birth form would say that Obama’s race is “white” is not on the form anywhere so this theory about wanting to hide this is false as well as the theory of him not being a natural born citizen. The document does list his father as African. If his father is not American I do not believe Obama qualifies but I assume this only refers to his fathers race.

Another point of considerations is that when using Adobe Illustrator and releasing layers/elements it shows the document was composed using a few layers. Here are two seperate layers of what the Whitehouse released. You may interpret it as you see fit.

Obama Birth Certificate Adobe Illustrator release element shows all

Obama Birth Certificate Adobe Illustrator Reveal, composed document

Here is the Whitehouse.gov PDF version if you would like to try the Adobe Illustrator release layered elements technique: Whitehouse.gov full PDF file

It’s interesting that this was released at the same time the Jerome R. Corsi book, “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate” is number 1 on Amazon.com.

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